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Customer's Desk Pen Leash

National Leash Company

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This counter pen and leash is designed with a long 36-inch cord to hold a customer service pen at sales counters.  It also works great in the office, home, car, or shop. When you need a pen it will always be there for you! One end of the cord has a adjustable locking loop. This loop is the attaching end of the counter pen, and attaches by either looping and tightening or by girth hitching to an object. The other end consists of the pen and a plastic receiver. Cost effective because it out lasts chain pens many times over. When pen is out of ink or  lost, simply insert any stick pen in the attached receiver.  Simple solution for keeping a pen available.


  • Loop-N-Loc technology for secure fastening
  • 3 mm double braided nylon
  • 550 pound test.
  • Made in the USA
  • Full money-back guarantee

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